Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend in Up State NY

It was a perfect weekend and so very needed, we were really over done and hanging out in this wonderful space and garden Chris and Vicky are creating was magical.

It’s so interesting as a gardener driving 6 hours North and experiencing what at home will not come for another month or so. The night we arrived was the first light frost enough to loose the basil and 2nd night a heaver frost, which we prepared for. Then traveling back to Maryland and finding our basil at its peak of production, note-to-self, deal with the basil soon. It’s not like you forget, but the graphic reminder sure made an imprint.

We brought home lots of onions right out of the ground (for now and to store) and purple and red potatoes as well as collected seeds of 1/2 a dozen flowers that I'll be starting next spring for our gardens and clients.

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