Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Printed Pot Holder Tags

Wow! I don’t know what took so long. I guess this is a real commitment to making more potholders, 2,400 more to be exact. Until now I have hand written each tag, which I actually enjoyed, it was kind of relaxing sitting in the living room by the wood stove or listening to one of Jerry’s stories while I wrote at break neck speed. My theory was if someone really wanted to read each word clearly they should buy 2 potholders, then the odds were good that the whole message could be pieced together. The side benefit was my handwriting really improved, not so much on the tags, but on the odd occasion when I write something down now it’s a real joy.
But it was time. I am very happy with the results and the new efficiency. Ellis of Bellwether Printing, about 2 miles from my studio, and I worked together choosing the font and layout. It’s pretty simple and similar to the hand written tags. We used this wonderful heavy 100% post consumer recycled board left over from another job, so the paper is recycled and rescued!