Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First tomato harvest of the year

Besides the tomato in our garden, which there are quite a lot just starting to come in, this week we have gotten a wind fall from a wonder friend's garden that Jerry helps tend. We are very grateful for food gardens this year as almost all of our fruits and vegetables have been coming from ours or neighbors yards. While our next door neighbor has been on vacation, I've been harvesting masses of black berries and red raspberries freezing them along with the tomatoes for the fall and winter. Vacationers garden care is something I want to do alot more of!

Everything being fresh and perfectly ripe and unusual varietals compared to the grocery store and all the fresh herbs which are truely inspiring for putting together flavors is part of it. Living so satisfyingly and cheaply in very tight times or more precisely experiencing the true value of your labor and it's relation ship to well being is just as important perhaps.

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