Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some of the very useful and wonderful POT HOLDERS...

This summer, in the process of changing my live/work studio into all studio/gallery space, I had to come to terms with the dilemma of all the vintage and rescued fabrics I have been collecting forever. At first I made simple aprons using linens and cottons with vintage fabric pockets and details in beautiful color combinations and sold them at the local farmers' market. As the remaining pieces of fabric got smaller and smaller, pot holders seemed the perfect answer. Their design is inspired by the pot holders my Grandmother used to make which were round pieces of Barkcloth (remnants from the sewing factory her mother worked in) with crocheted edging. The round shape makes a lot more sense to me than a square. I've added a loop to hang them for display when not in use and substituted a wonderful frayed edging which is oddly nostalgic and contemporary at the same time.

Pot Holders are $10 each.

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